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Billie Reinhart, RYT, LMT


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  1. celia waters says:

    Love your website Billie. It’s very clear about what you are offering.

  2. Tina McCarter says:

    Hi Billie! I love your website and how thorough it is. Maybe I can get to one of your events one day and bring a couple of people from our school days. Hard to believe it has been a couple of years already.

  3. Jenna Hall says:

    Hi Billie! Its Jenna Hall…I’ve never done yoga nor do I know to much about it but it is something I want to give a try. I’ve got a lot of stress going on in my life plus I need to lose some weight I’m not sure if it helps with that but I decided to give it a try and do some research and your site came up I had no idea that you have all this, good for you girl this is really awesome. I just wanted to let you know ill be getting in touch very soon bc I would love to start doing it and id love to see you as well its been so long. I look forward to talking to you soon girl.

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