Hula-Hoop Hooray!

I’m excited about the next hoop class. The June series starts in a couple of weeks.  Classes fill up fast so hoops need to be reserved beforehand. Early bird pricing ends soon. There are options for custom made hula-hoops for every age, private 1-on-1 or small group sessions or requesting hoop or fire performers for special occasions.

Hula-hooping is a good low impact cardiovascular exercise. Studies have shown hula-hooping can burn 300-500 calories an hour and boost metabolism.  Hoop dance improves your mood because it’s fun for adults and kids and is also accessible to people with limited range of motion. It improves concentration, coordination, endurance, and balance. Strengthen and tone the full body with core, shoulder, arm, and foot hooping visited in the Basics class suitable for beginners.  We used a tandem hoop in class that everyone had a lot of fun playing with and is easier to learn in because it turns more slowly. Just 10 minutes a day can improve skills and fitness level drastically. Multiple people have used the Basics class techniques to  hoop when they could never do it before.

This summer has a lot of fun events. The website for Thrive Yoga and Massage’s Massage Menu is growing. We are having a Sunset Yoga for Charity, Aerial Silks Workshops and continuing Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis funded by the MS Foundation. Get additional information about everything including the hoop classes at the website. Stay tuned for additional dates by signing up for the newsletter. Join the Hoop FB Event:
Stay Movin’!
<3 Billie

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  1. melody says:

    this looks like SO much fun.

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